Increasing mobility is an intentional goal in our Vecchio program. As we age, we often adapt a sedentary lifestyle.  This has direct impact on our both our cognitive and physical health.  It is very important to maintain both strength and flexibility throughout our lifetime.  To increase mobility, we offer a daily session of physical exertion. These sessions will take on various forms such as Zumba Gold classes, Kinesiology games, folk dancing, and rhythmic movement. We have designed the perfect place, our "pond room" that has plenty of room for everyone to move freely and safely.  In addition to our large muscle experiences, we have plenty of small muscle practice as well in our carefully prepared Montessori environment. 


Impacting mood is an important factor in our Vecchio program. Those who live with  lifestyle and cognitive changes and especially Dementia, feelings of anxiety and loneliness are common. To successfully improve mood daily, we have built strategies into the everyday common experience that brings happiness. Simple sensory pleasures of smelling baked bread, pouring a warm cup of coffee or a cold glass of water, enjoying a conversation with a friend, taking a stroll in the garden, watching children play and hearing them laugh are experiences found at Nonna's. We desire to share our love for Jesus Christ through songs, scriptures and daily encouragement as well. This brings a measure of peace and joy to those around us. 


Improving memory is perhaps our greatest desire for the elders in our Vecchio program. Through repetition, sensory and muscle memory, and various guided practices - memory can be maintained and in some cases, regained. Elders will participate in daily community chores that contribute to self-worth and satisfaction.  Using cognitive retentive areas such as games, music, reading, and focal point work allows the brain to be strengthened. Setting the table, helping with laundry, gardening, reading to children, putting a puzzle together, singing songs around the piano, sorting pictures, working with tools, and sewing a button are all examples of memory enhancing experiences. 

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